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It would be nice to think that once there was a Mr Chips shop and, perhaps even next door, a Pizza Man shop, and they decided to join together. Like Time Warner, or Whizzer & Chips.

What a lovely idea for a blog, by the way. Now you've just got to keep it up.

Thank you Mr Reed. I have an initial database of circa 70 stores which I will be working my way through methodically. Google Street View is a quite wonderful tool.

Congratulations to you Mr Blog on a charming website.(Excellent Whizzer & Chips reference too Mr Reed.)
My only regret is that Moseley's famous "Mr Booze" off-licence didn't survive long enough to make your list. Mr Booze supplied a whole generation of Birmingham teenagers with cigarettes, Thunderbird and Mad Dog 20/20. RIP Mr Booze, long live Mr Blog.

Johnny, it may come as some comfort to know that certain of Mr Booze's relatives live on elsewhere in the UK. I am lining up a post about an establishment by that name in Preston.

Thanks also for the congratulations - a welcome morale booster as Mr Tweets and I continue our important work.

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