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Not just shoe repairs but "Master" shoe repairs.

They're probably better than the regular shoe repairs you get in other places.

One thing I meant to include in the post is that it's nice to have shops that repair things. Watches, watch straps, zippo lighters, shoes... Lately, it's all been about upgrading and replacing things.

I wonder if there are any master iPhone repairers out there?

I take it Mr Locks was conceived outside of--ahem--wedlock--given that he does not share the same surname as his father. And we can safely assume his mother is none other than Ms Locks.

Hello Neil - you're right, the name does raise as many questions as it answers.

Hopefully one day we will have a reader in Felixstowe who can shed some light on the family dynamics.

The Lock family tree gets ever more intriguing: http://www.mrlockwizard.co.uk/

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