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I'm confused. I've been invited along to Mr Jerk for lunch next week. From a purely selfish perspective, this is a poorly timed demise.

This is confusing news indeed. Have reports of Mr Jerk's death been exaggerated?

I am taking my information from the Savannah Jerk website, having not had the opportunity to visit the site in person:


I would be very glad to be corrected, but at the same time, do not wish to harbour false hope. If anybody can confirm whether the grim rebrander has indeed paid a visit, I would be grateful.

Enjoy your lunch.

I am assured that although one Mr Jerk is indeed deceased, he is survived by a brother, who serves far superior fare to Savannah Jerk. Am still due to visit next week, so will report back.

Thank you Neil. The wait is tense, as well as somewhat awkward. Apologies to any members of the Jerk family for any distress caused as a result of this thread.

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