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I went for salami, mozzarella and tomato on brown. The multitude of ingredients increased the cost to £1.30.


So here it is. Not the most inspiring of sandwiches I've ever seen.


(It's only fair to point out that I am an ex-pro sandwich maker myself – and a bloody good one – so I am qualified to pass judgement)

Bread: a little stale. Cheese: a little mushy. Meat: pink, round, tastes a bit like meat. Tomatoes: not bad.


Overall: not great, but not terrible for the money paid.

To be fair, all sandwiches will forever be compared to this little fella, so it didn't really stand a chance …


Congratulations again, Mr Gray!

As Mr Tweets has already pointed out, the prize only covers a sandwich to the value of £1, which makes this situation somewhat awkward.

Of course, we are prepared to honour the original £1 commitment, but would require you either to cover the additional 30p from your own funds, or perhaps to return a few slices of salami to the shop in return for a partial refund - if it is not already too late?

In either event, thank you again. We hope this encourages more readers to come forward with submissions!

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