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Mr Michael Chow gets in but still no sign of Miss Diva? I'm shocked and appalled and immediately writing a stern letter to my MP.

I can not shed any light on your theory. However, I do know that studies have found that there are a surprisingly high number of dentists called Dennis.

Daniel, you raise a valid point about Miss Diva. I will think about it, but can't make any promises.

Simon, the Dennis/Dentist insight is interesting in a tangential way. I wonder if there are many paper merchants called Russell.

Mr Tweets has received a tweet from @acejet170 stating that Mr Chow is an intruder. I share it here without comment.

I had a philosophy teacher at school called Mr Ponder.

I also know of someone who works in advertising called Barry Brand.

Standards are slipping. This blog started so well.

I'll probably give it a few posts to turn it around though.

Mr Blog has asked me to respond to comments as he wishes to keep a low profile for a while.

Tag, please keep reading. Don't let Mr Chow ruin it all. Think back to Mr Car and Mr Toolman and remember the good times.

By a strange coincidence, I have just come across a tweet via @angusmontgomery on the theme of 'nominative determinism' - the phenomenon whereby people follow careers based on their given surname.

Examples include:

Lord Judge (Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales)
Dr Fish (Marine Biologist at Aberystwyth University)
Lord Brain (leading neurologist and peer of the realm)
Cardinal Sin (former Archbishop of Manila)
Scott Speed (ex-Formula One race car driver)
Chris Moneymaker (professional poker player)

Full list here: http://bit.ly/3Qordx

If Mr Chow can be added to this list, perhaps the post has served some useful purpose, despite all the rancour and recriminations.

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