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lovely. i'm sure mr mattress in its spare time, also doubles up as mr toast.

"Mr Reader Submission Week"?

But Mike, Mr Reader Submission Week wouldn't make any sense!

I like the toast comment. He does look like a piece of toast. And also a bit like a sirloin steak.

Incidentally, if I had been the illustrator, I don't think I would have drawn Mr Mattress sitting on a pile of much bigger, non-anthropomorphic mattresses. It somehow makes him seem less like a mattress as he is too small by comparison.

If I may, I feel it's a mistake to judge Mr Mattress against the larger mattresses gathered about him. Mr Mattress is the proprietor (if we indulge the fantasy inherent in the illustration), and not the merchandise itself.

One wouldn't expect to buy Mr Mattress himself, any more than one would expect to buy a car salesman at an auto dealership, surely? If you took him home and tried to lie down on him, he would be rightly upset.

This perhaps makes Mr Mattress not only an example of nominative determinism, but perhaps even of a sort of ontological determinism, in that he is himself the very thing he sells. A curious position to be in.

Yes, you make a good argument. (Mr Tweets, can you go and check what ontological means?)

I think my concern was essentially one of clarity – take away the text and is it sufficiently clear that Mr Mattress is a mattress, as opposed to, for example, a piece of toast?

My feeling is that the presence of other, much larger, mattresses makes Mr Mattress seem more the size of a car sponge by comparison. If he were sitting cross-legged on a bedframe, drawn in proportion to his own size, he might perhaps look more obviously mattress-like?

That said, I accept it is unlikely that even the most illiterate of customers would walk into the Northgate Bedding Centre and ask for a piece of toast or a car sponge, so maybe I am worrying over nothing.

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