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Strictly speaking, shouldn't he be King Papaya to qualify? Or is it different for blue bloods?

Strictly speaking, you have a point. I decided that, particularly with his charming logo, Papaya King met the spirit of the law, if not the letter.

Burger King might also have stood a chance if the logo had shown a man in a crown holding a burger. A missed opportunity on their part.

I have rarely witnessed such a craven collapse of previously cast-iron standards. Mr Blog, you have been seduced by a winning smile and the undeniable glamour exhibited by our cousins in the "US of A".

It's only fair to offer a second chance, but I must urge you to stay truthful to your principles. I expect an unpolluted stream of Mr [Retailer Name] examples, and nothing else. Surely these must exist "across the Pond"?

Mr Troll

Papaya-gate shows no sign of abating.

Of course, you are right that this is a somewhat controversial diversion from our core work and perhaps this should have been more clearly acknowledged in the post itself. (Mr Tweets, could you not have highlighted this in your tweets?)

Nevertheless, there is something about the cheerful crown-wearing character in Papaya King's identity – as well as the blog post's learned deconstruction of the refreshed brand – that seemed to chime with the spirit of this blog.

And I believe I have, after all, established a reputation as quite a relaxed, happy-go-lucky character.

I keep reading it as "Papa Yaking", which is perhaps not the desired result (of either the writer or the product).
Keep up the good work!

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