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I thought I could trump that, but unfortunately this York hairdresser didn't go that extra pun-mile http://twitpic.com/39zm92

Simply the best. Herr, herr!

Danke schoen, Mr Jim! (German for 'thank you'.)

And danke also to Daniel Gray for a fine addition. I must say it was a relief not to have been trumped so quickly, but I will of course welcome any sightings that surpass Herr Kutz. I just find it very hard to imagine what they might be.

Truly awesome.

Reminds me of an now closed-down clothes shop in Portobello called "Klaze". (Makes sense if you say it in a neddy/chavvy Scottish accent.

Klaze is very good. I imagine they used to sell excellent troosers.

It must surely be his sister that I came across in Gosport recently http://www.davidthedesigner.com/davidthedesigner/2010/08/its-so-so-wrong-that-it-could-almost-be-right.html

Thanks David, what an interesting sighting.

Hair Furlong.

The name is quite a puzzle. It seems to work on a number of levels, without quite working on any of them.

I like the blog post too. So far, I've been concentrating mainly on visual and verbal identity – it hadn't occurred to me to critique the architecture. (Apart from a brief mention of Mr News's Russian Doll style entrance. But even that was more an effect of the signage than the architecture.) http://www.mr-blog.com/2010/08/mrnews.html

Thanks again. Interesting.

I used to work at Herr Kutz! From the age of 14-16, i was chiefly responsible for Herr sweeping and Herr washing, all for the princely sum of £2.50 per hr. Lovely chaps.

That's great to hear, Jennifer. I'm slightly in awe.

(I'm writing on behalf of Mr Blog, who is now enjoying his retirement.)

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