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The word CENTRE seems to be centred. Sort of.

Seemed to be worth noting. Now I'm not sure.

Yes, thank you for picking up on some typographic wit that I had overlooked. I think it was worth noting, on the whole.

Mr Tweets has also drawn my attention to a tweet from http://www.twitter.com/TheWriter highlighting the over-promise inherent in the phrase "Immediate Delivery".

"THE SOUTH'S LOWEST PRICES" – that's another worrying claim. Assuming Mr Pine has done his weekly price comparisons with as much diligence as Asda and Tesco, how do we know where the south begins and ends? Mr Blog should include this information on his helpful pinboard.

I believe INPINE is or was the the ticker-tape listing on the International Stock Exchange (ISE) for Mr. Pine or Mr. Copperfield which may or may not be a parent company.

International Stock Exchange! Mr Copperfield has gone up in my estimation. However, he presumably cannot be Mr Pine's parent company as they would share the same surname.

Chas, thanks also for your comment re: THE SOUTH'S LOWEST PRICES. I assume either Mr Pine has only researched prices in The South (however he defines it), or he knows of a shop in The North that is indeed cheaper. I wonder if it could be Mr Mattress in Darlington? http://www.mr-blog.com/2010/10/mr-mattress-darlington.html (I believe he sells bedframes as well as mattresses, presumably including the pine variety.)

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