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Headless and, apparently, legless. Gracious. Have you informed the Fortean Times?

Mr Tweets is trying to contact Derek Acorah.

Do you mean legless, by the way? It appears to me that he does indeed have legs and shoe-clad feet, but he is perhaps somewhat light in the arm department (unless they are behind his back).

It looked to me as if his legs were truncated somewhat, but my leg-length expectations may be unreasonable. The shoe-clad feet are very difficult to make out. And he looks far from 'armless. Ho ho.

It is very hard to make out in the picture. It almost looks to me as if his trousers are on back-to-front.

My theory is that this poor fellow was slain in a joust by Sir Chef many centuries ago and now wanders the Post Office in perpetuity.

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