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How weird. I know this shop well. Deb and I rented our first flat together on Englefield Road, the next street up the Essex Road. I often used to rummage in MR All Sorts (my employment was not so gainful at the time). And as you can see, it's the perfect kind of place for rummaging. Thanks for the memories Mr Blog!

It actually means something to me too - my very first place in London was a tiny bedsit on Northchurch Road. Around 1995 it would have been. Don't remember going in the shop though - I was probably too upset by the upper case issue.

Just missed you. We'd moved up the road to Stokey by then.

Deb reminded me that we had our own name for MR All Sorts. We called it Come Back Monday. Because whenever you asked the old boy whether he had any chairs/teapots/picture frames, he'd croak "Come back Monday".

A charming tale. Come back Monday would be an excellent name for a shop.

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