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Well that's it then. I'm hoping you'll go out on a recession-fuelled high – a boarded up shop window beneath a 'Mr Closed' or a 'Mr Shut' or a 'Mr All-things-must-come-to-an-end'.

And me? I'll put away my camera. I no longer feel compelled to snap our local landscape gardener, Captain Green, at work on the lawns of middle England.

I feel terrible for Captain Green. But at least we can all have a look at his website:


Maybe a little salute is in order.

So it's Goodbye, Mr Chips...

(In a manner of speaking).

Yes, it's goodbye. But we should also remember that Mr Chips and all the other Misters will always be with us. Even after Blogmageddon, I will keep this blog open as an online repository of all things Mister, for future generations to browse. (You're welcome!)

No doubt some North American will take this great idea and make it bigger and longer. He might even win awards and sponsorship deals.

But I'll be proud to claim that I was here at the beginning and at the end of the original Mr Blog.

I was going to tell you about The Lightbulb Man and Mr Bun with you from Wellington, NZ but I'm too late (and out of geographic scope). Sad to see this wonderful field trip draw to a close. I've enjoyed the sights, and the food was pretty good too.

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