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Another splendid post Mr Blog, many thanks. I do like the idea of a Family Tree.

This got me thinking. If the two sons had a sister, would she be a Miss Tree? This strikes me as an excellent name, with many potential uses including (for example)lady magicians, genealogists and hip-hop stars. . .

Keep up the good work,
Yours, & c

Johnny, one thing I have learned in my blogging is that, if you can imagine it, it probably exists:


Thank you for the excellent tip.

Glad to be of service Mr B.

What an inspiring story too. As the Americans say, "if you can dream it, you can do it."

Perhaps then you could produce a range of blogging-related motivational posters? Just the ticket for raising the spirits during a cold and wet January. If you're looking for powerful accompanying imagery, I find soaring eagles and dramatic sunsets work particularly well.

I remain, Sir, & c

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