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I am a little disappointed by how few words there are in this blog post. Perhaps the author was too busy thinking about life, or preparing for tomorrow's excitement landmark, or something. Pah.

It would be quite exciting if they were entirely separate entities, perhaps both convinced of their own bogus uniqueness. But no - they secretly do know that there are two Mr Uniques! The logos are the same! A disappointment, perhaps, but equally it could be said that this revelation thickens the plot.

The "Mr Unique" mascot character looks quite remarkable, a kind of incredible vacuum cleaner made out of an exhaust pipe and a tyre. I wonder this: in this (http://mr-unique.com/uniquecitroen/images/rob_man.gif ) image, is he supposed to be fighting with the robotic car transformer figure, or what? (The inappropriately furious expression on Mr Unique's face creates that suspicion.)

Big, important things, all, that really beg to debated.

Hello Mr Hairyegg

I am sorry to hear you were disappointed with this post. I normally offer a returns or exchange policy, but it doesn't apply to any posts that are part of the B.O.G.O.F. offer.

You make some good observations about Mr Unique. They are indeed part of the same brand, which is slightly less satisfying. If it helps at all, there is an entirely separate Mr Unique who specialises in driveways and patios: http://www.misterunique.co.uk/

However, I didn't feature him as I could find no suitable imagery: only the website itself.

I hope this goes some way to answering your query, but please don't cause a scene if it doesn't.

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