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I don't mean to be picky, or to dampen the unconfined joy in such a wonderful spot... But strictly speaking, does Mr Ram's Kebab qualify? Surely it should be plain Mr Kebab (hold the chili sauce).

You raise a valid point, Mr Jim. I have been unable to find Mrs Cod and Mr Ram on Google Street View (a smart move on their part), but I have found this other photo, where they appear to have undergone an unattractive rebrand:


This picture suggests that “Mr Rams” (apostrophe?) is the main brand name, and Kebab is therefore more of a descriptor.

I appreciate this is an incomplete answer to your query, but hope it goes some way to addressing your concern.

Mr Blog,

I thank you for your prompt (if somewhat tangental) response.

I concur, the new illuminated rebrand is truly disgusting. Enough to make you choke on your saveloy.

Mr Blog,

In your original photograph, on this blogpost, the projecting sign* for the shop suggests that it is "Mr Rams" or "Mr Rams Kebab". Perhaps it is one of those doubled-barrelled names that has no hyphen, or maybe Rams is Mr Kebab's first name. Either way, it suggests that the apostrophe on the main sign is an error (maybe they asked a stereotypical greengrocer to do the sign) and Mr Kebab does indeed qualify.

However, in the illuminated rebrand, Mr R Kebab looks to be the fish bar, and Mrs Cod to be the kebab restaurant, so maybe this disqualifies them. Or maybe they are rubbing salt into Mr Cod's wounds. Or into his chips.

This controversy shows no sign of abating.

Mr Simon, your analysis is impressive. Inconsistent apostrophe usage has been a recurring feature in many of the brands I have featured, but I have decided to find it endearing.

I may be missing something in the illuminated rebrand, but it seems to me that Mrs Cod is still the fish & chips specialist, and Mr Ram focuses on kebabs, chicken and burgers.

Mr Jim, I should have made clear earlier that I am considering 'Mr Ram' to be a deliberate and valid name for a kebab-based business, given that mutton is often the meat of choice in these establishments. So whether he is Mr Ram, Mr Rams, Mr Ram-Kebab or Mr R. Kebab, it is reasonable to infer that a deliberate reference is being made to the core product, and his inclusion is therefore acceptable.

This is indeed a horny debate. I don't recall ever seeing a ram kebab on a menu.

Maybe he's just boasting.

The thing is, if he's really called Mr Ram(s) and is making no reference to his core product, does that mean Mrs Cod is really called Mrs Cod?

My theory is that he wanted to make a contrasting animal reference to complement Mrs Cod. But Mr Lamb sounds a bit weak and Mr Sheep sounds silly, so he went with Mr Ram.

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